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Enjoying National Waffle Day along with Cinnamon best waffle makers RollWaffles Photo credit: Kylee's KitchenPicture credit: Kylee's Kitchen area

(August 23, 2015) In tribute of National Waffle Day on Monday, Kylees Kitchenis presenting us a quite straightforward recipe forcinnamon roll waffles!

Active ingredients

1can refrigerated cinnamon reels along with cream cheese icing


Heat energy waffle manufacturer and spray along with cooking spray. Remove sugar-cinnamon reels coming from can; established icing aside.For each waffle, place 1, 3, or even 4 cinnamon coming in the facility of waffle maker; close.Bake for 3 to 4 minutes or even till waffle is carefully cooked as well as golden brown.Spread icing over waffles and serve.Please make it possible for best waffle makers Javascript to watch this videoTake Our Poll


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